Animal Selfie Stick
Animal Selfie Stick
Animal Selfie Stick

Animal Selfie Stick

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Your Pet WILL Stick To This Tool... Guarantee!

Product description:

The unique clip design allows you to attach your pets' favorite treat or toy, up to 1/2" thick. Your Dog will beg you for its favorite treat and gaze into the Flexy Paw without knowing that it's posing for the camera. Same goes for your Cat, simply attach its favorite toy to grab its full attention. 

Main Features:

  • The Pet Selfie Stick is compatible with iPhones, Androids & Tablets and works with both front and rear facing cameras.
  • A snack clip can grab treats or toys to direct pets' attention, which will help you capture perfect pictures of pets.
  • Easily install and portable.
  • Lovely shape, designed like a dog PAW
  • It can be used as a cell phone stand when you see a video.